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Fashion Models in Virginia Beach , Miss Virginia at sandbridge modeling "lilly Forrest swim wear" one of our best models in Virginia beach .My subject matter has always been the person behind the mask.  I approach each assignment as a modern artist .One must recognize everyone's persona but delve deeper to explore the maddening complexity the inscrutable gorgeously wonderful sole that's hidden beneath everyone's is persona; To strip away the surface in other words to investigate the essence working below. This brings a dynamism to my photographs.  Photography is rather like music, to be technically perfect you must practice. I've done that for years and to be a solo performer not only practice but you must be gifted. I want the images in my pictures to be the result of a trust by my models that my gift as an artist will produce pictures that show them off to their best advantage . I am just photographing what I consider to be Particularly attractive .The women I photograph are beautiful and I simply bring that beauty to a wider public. I am not trying to make any statement in my Images.

Miss Va. at sandbridge , one of our best models here in Virginia beach Nicol at Sandbridge ,  internationaly known model poses for a portfolio image for diamond photography at sandbridge in virginia beach happy niky , hi fashion model poses for a fashion portfolio image , for her professional portfolio , in swimwear here in virginia beach.